Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Last Day in Quito - Caffeine Power Tour

Yesterday I gave away my umbrella to John at the end of the tour. Never really needed it this year and didn't want to carry it around anymore. He called me some slang that meant I was a cheap bugger, because I was giving him something I had bought it in a Chinese import store and not a quality store. 

Should have kept it I guess and saved hime the insult for someone else. Bad news too. It is 8 am and beginning a downpour. Natural street cleaning. 
courtyard in San Francisco hotel in Quito

chairs made from tires in Quito store window
For those of you with a sense of humour I just had to put this picture in. It's an Ecuadorean wheel chair.  The rest of you can scroll down. 
man protesting for justice in Plaza Grande, Quito
After the rain quit we packed, paid our bill and went out for a last walk around Quito. We stopped and had a coffee and chocolate cake at one of the Republica del Cacao locations in the old city. 
coffee and cheesecake at Republica del Cacao, Quito

It's a decent cup of coffee with an amazing slab of desert made with some amazing flavours of chocolate. The one we were at is literally hidden on a boring street but has a wonderful sitting area surrounded by shelves of various chocolates. 
coffee lounge at Republica del Cacao, Quito

shoeshine vendors in the archway of the Archibishops palace, Quito
Then we walked for a bit more, shot some video in the Independance Square of some musicians, and stopped for a light lunch of chicken at Caravana.

chicken and fries at Caravana, Quito

OK time to wear off the calories by walking some more. This time we ended at another coffee shop called San Mateo's Cafe. This time we sat outside and had another coffee to top up our caffeine levels. 
San Mateo's Cafe, Quito Ecuador

coffee at San Mateo's Cafe, Quito

Back to the Hotel San Francisco one more time to grab our suitcases and hop into our taxi. 
entrance to San Francisco hotel, Quito

The next stop will be Quito Airport Suites in Tababela.  4.6 km walking today