Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Concert at the Farallon Dillon

It was another typical lazy morning of sleeping in and coffee at a local hangout. The place is called Common Grounds.

Common Grounds coffee house in Salinas

In the afternoon we took a taxi to Farallon Dillon in Ballenita. We walked down the 3 million steps to the beach and I ran up because it made for a smoother video.

We also toured the museum with a guide that spoke great English so it helped us understand the origin of a lot of what we were looking at.

plastic sailor at Farallon Dillon

We had a meal of BBQ chicken and BBQ ribs. The meal was served with Texas beans, a couple of small baked potatoes smothered in butter, and some mixed vegetables. One of the chicken quarters was too raw to eat so it had to be sent back for rectification. 
The evening entertainment was a live music group called Trio Sandoval. Of course they were in spanish And they were obviously a cover band as the patrons seemed to be able to sing along. And there were some that made use of the dance floor.

It seems the trio brought some more family members to perform with them this night. I'm guessing the extra harmony singer and the percussionist.

Trio Sandoval playing at Farallon Dillon.

Trio Sandoval playing El Perdon at the Farallon Dillon. It is dark but the ocean is in the background. 
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4.1 km walking