Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Ecuador Futbol - Soccer

At 1:30 I took a taxi to the Estadio Olimpico (Olympic Stadium). This is the view (zoomed in) from the Teleferico.

Olympic Stadium, Quito

Today was the FIFA World Cup qualification between Ecuador and Colombia in the race for the Russia 2018 tournament. I stood in the heat for an hour and a half before I managed to spend my last penny literally to buy a ticket off a guy so I could get in. The football match had just started when I found my $40 seat in the preferred seating area.

One suggestion, it is better to detour to the pee trough before the game if you are even remotely in need of relief. Waiting til after thinking you will do it on the way out will be an experience you won't soon forget. (Sorry, no photos!)

Soccer ticket from the Olympic Stadium in Quito

So there I am in my winter coat soaking wet from sweat. Everyone else is in a winter coat too so that was not an issue. Except I was hot and took it off for the game whereas most others wore theirs and wore scarves too in order to keep warm- or keep the sun off their heads.

Soccer scorecard at the Olympic Stadium in Quito

Soccer scoreboard at the Olympic Stadium in Quito

Interesting game except that Colombia Azul y Blancos won 2:0 over the home country Ecuador Amarillos. So the only excitement was a few skirmishes between the locals and a few Colombian fans who were expressing their happiness.

Funny how when a problem starts, all the armored police head for that one spot. Nobody including the spotters are paying attention to the rest of the crowd where something could happen there. Oh well, if it works for them, fine.
Soccer at the Olympic Stadium in Quito

Overall it was a great experience and I thought the fans were great. I would take more money next time. I would think if you took something like $50 for a $25 ticket and $80 to $100 for the higher ones then you would likely get into the seats quickly before the match starts. I only had $43 and change so I was very fortunate to get in at all and am thankful to the unknown guy who wanted to unload his extra ticket at the last minute.
Soccer fans at the Olympic Stadium in Quito

It took me about 45 minutes to walk the 4 km to the Swissotel where my next stop was waiting. I had used my last penny to purchase the soccer ticket so walking was the only option. By the time I got to the hotel I was soaking wet again in sweat and stinking profusely. Nose pinch!

una buena excusa at the Swissotel, Quito

I had promised to go see my friends Fernando and Karina play in the bar of the Swissotel. Their group name is Una Buena Excusa and they are the President's favorite group- for another four days as he is not eligible for another term in the election. My friends are very good professional musicians. You can catch them in their own coffee bar or at various events. And also some songs on my own YouTube channel
Una Buena Excusa

una buena excusa at the Swissotel, Quito

Made it back to the Hotel San Francisco de Quito at about 10 pm dead tired. Fortunately my brother met me at the Swissotel bar and he had money for a taxi.

suite in San Francisco hotel, Quito

suite in San Francisco hotel, Quito

11 km walking today