Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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John Henry Tours

Breakfast at 8:30 again today. I'm eating too much pineapple because my tongue is starting to burn from the excess vitamin C.

street mural in Quito

At 10 I was in the grand plaza waiting for John Henry to show up for my tour. He arrived and we began the walking tour in the historic center of Quito. I've gone on two of his tours in previous years so I wanted something different. John is not new at the guiding game so you need to be firm on how much money you are spending or he will extend the tour for higher pay. But I'm no dummy when it comes to carrying only a certain amount of money so there is only so much to get. I also gave him my umbrella at the end of the tour. However he complained that it was just cheap Chinese junk and not a high quality Ecuadorian product. Yep, it was from Dolarama back home.

YouTube clip number one with John Henry as tour guide.

Now that you have watched the clips from this year, here are some John Henry videos I made a few years back on a previous visit. They were made with a Panasonic TH-700 HD camera and a wired Radio Shack lav mic connected to the camera with about 20 ft of wire.

This one is a tour to Barrio San Marcos which is next to the Quito Central Historical district.

Here is one of the Iglesia de la Merced (Church of Mercy) in the Central Historical district of Quito.

This year the videos were made with a GoPro Hero 5 inside a water resistant box, handheld with a 3-Way Mount. I learned I need to hold it very stable as I move around. Also it is very sensitive at picking up noise as I touch the camera or handle. Total distance walked so far today is 6.7 km.

Lunch was at the Pizza SA across the street from the Bolivar Theater.

Bolivar theatre in Quito

Bolivar theatre in Quito

Bolivar theatre in Quito

I don't know if it is the same company but it was a pizza place in the theater building that caused the fire several years ago. The pizza was good but the garlic bread left a bad after taste and salads I just don't eat here anyway. I also had a coffee and a coke.

Pizza at Pizza SA near the Bolivar Theater in  Quito