Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Testing the GoPro Under Water

Today extreme low tide was at 11am. So I was walking the beach then to be able to walk out in the tide pools. I also had the GoPro as the only camera this time. It's hard to go swimming if you have an iPhone or regular video camera in your hand.

low tide on the Salinas beach
The Salinas beach at low tide

underwoater gopro on the Salinas beach
underwater with the GoPro
I did some swimming - well, floating on the San Lorenzo beach. It's clearer if you get out past where the waves are churning up the silt and sand.

low tide on the Salinas beach
San Lorenzo beach
In the afternoon we went to Common Grounds for a cappuccino coffee milkshake and cinnamon bun. Both were great. Free wifi here too with the password posted right on the wall. Big screen TV to watch futbol as we were there in the middle of the FIFA preliminaries.

panorama of the Salinas beach

fishing boats up on the beach on the Salinas malecon

At the end of the day these fishermen were beaching their boat for the night. It took five of them to move the heavy wooden boat far away from the ocean tide levels.
Then for supper it was homemade burgers and raw veggies. Another relaxing day done and gone. 
.8 km walking