Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Luv 'n' Oven

If you go on Trip Advisor to read reviews of Luv 'n' Oven you will be sent all over the map on opinions. We decided to try as we had walked by a few times. The first time by a week ago we had said no because we had remembered a meal there four years ago where the street sellers would not leave us alone. 
Luv n Oven, Salinas

No different this time. A Jamaican speaking good English wanting handouts, three different sunglasses sellers, basket weaving sales, and necklaces. Dang I missed the lamp and hammock guys from past experiences. 
Well we ordered the grilled chicken with fries and the filet mignon with fries. Beers to drink. Both meals were very good. The mushroom sauce with mushrooms and bacon on the beef was good. The beef did not have the wild cow flavour of much of the meat here. The chicken was a large portion and good but only slightly more salty than comfortable. No sauce but ketchup and mayonnaise worked fine. The fries were good and not cooked in old oil. Other patrons nearby were chowing down on huge platefuls of giant prawns. Overall the Luv 'n' Oven gave us more than we were expecting. Worth the visit yes. 
5.7 km today walking