Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Monday is Quiet in Salinas

The weekend is over and a walk up the Salinas malecon proves that the vast majority of people have left. It is much more quiet. We sauntered to the far end- towards the peninsula. At the far end is the bar called Manaba'r that I had visited a few days ago. We stopped for something cooling to drink and also ordered some light dishes that included chicken wings, fried banana, deep fried shrimp, rice and fries. Most of it was eaten. 

One of the best features here is the free wifi. Relax and send your email and have a beer.

On the way home we stopped at mi comisariato for groceries. We purchased a lot more extras that allow for home cooking. 
This evening we enjoyed a chicken dinner called Peanut butter curie chicken. The chef in our midst actually said Pollo con salsa de mani. Whatever. We had a choice of rice or spaghetti. Enough rice lately so we chose spaghetti and it worked well together. Finally a place in Ecuador that did not kill the food with salt during cooking. So we actually added a pinch on top as well as some fresh ground pepper. Side salad of course. 

Desert was a red wine mixed with choice of fruit flavoured yogurt topped with whip cream. No photo as they did not last long enough to pose for photos.

Yes, it was all our own cooking. That is why we rented a condo through AirB&B, so we could do this if we wanted.
3.7 Km walking