Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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The Torremar has a Different View of the Beach

We woke up in our new location right in the center of the Salinas malecon. The Torremar is a long block or so away from the boat wharf.  However the rental we got is actually on the side street with a partial view of the ocean and just barely a view to the left of the chocklatera. A torrential rainfall blasted us at about seven last night. Even with the patio windows closed the water rushed in and left a large pond on the floor. By morning it had leaked out and as the caretaker said when I told him water was coming in "No problemo".

view of ocean from the Torremar in Salinas

This is a much older building and this owner has had the condo since 2013. It has a large open area and ample eating area for the large groups that book it. We will be here for nine days so a bit of cleaning is necessary. Much of the kitchen was filthy and the inside of the cupboards were sticky dirty along with plates that still had food stuck to them. It should all be clean now as we washed everything ourselves. It's still a good rental. Look on AirBnB or VBRO and you will find this one.
Torremar living room, Salinas
Interior view or our rental in the Torremar.

We made another trip by taxi to el Paseo mall.

el Paseo mall, Libertad

A few groceries, some lunch in the food court and store browsing used up several hours. Do not ever waste space in your suitcase by bringing water gear. You can buy much cheaper here and chose from a far larger selection. Also water boards and other toys. 
stuff to buy at the el Paeo mall, Libertad
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I priced out induction stoves in an appliance store. The most expensive were six burner with oven for about $1500. Less than half that for the 24 inch wide units. It costs more to buy a 40 HP outboard motor in this store than a motorcycle. 
stuff to buy at the el Paeo mall, Libertad

The apartment has a magicJack dongle connected to the phone and Internet. It gives free calls to the US and Canada. I made a few calls back to Canada and it worked quite well. One had many cutouts you could hear while talking, but the internet was poor then too until we restarted the router. 
magic jack device

sunset on the beach in Salinas

2.5 km walking