Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Teleferico Cable Car to the Top of the Mountain

We then grabbed a cab to the gondola or teleferico on the side of the mountain. It was a partially cloudy day but we figured we had better take it. Tomorrow might be worse and it might even be raining.
After a quick bathroom break at the base we rode the cable car to the top. The ride is somewhere around 20 minutes. Being a Monday in the middle of the off season the lineups were non existent and the cars not filled to capacity. BTW bathroom use at the top is 50 cents and the bottom is free.
view of Quito from top of teleferico

We immediately began hiking up the trail to get the valley views over Quito. When the compass app showed we were at 4000 meters altitude we stopped for some photos and video. Then pushing on we hiked over a couple of small hills and arrived at a place selling horse rides. I opted for an hour ride up into mountains for $10. Well worth the time. You get to ride some small, bored and often uncooperative horses up and up into the clouds. You can see a couple of volcanoes, a few condors and some other birds. Lots of vegetation even at this altitude as the rich topsoil is thick and black.

I'm not a horseman so riding up and down over the rough terrain with a GoPro in one hand and my HD video camera in the other was like trying to ride saddle bronc at the rodeo. Most of the time it was both hands and arms in the air with the reins tied around the horn. I might be sore tomorrow.

horseback at the top of the teleferico in Quito

Eventually we finished with the sightseeing and headed down. At one point I asked the guide what the altitude was and he said 4050 meters. Although that is what the sign says right when you get off the gondola. Oh and he walked the whole way as our group of three used up all his horses so he had to walk.
horseback at the top of the teleferico in Quito
We took the free shuttle down the mountain avoiding the taxis. Then at the base we avoided the taxis again and took a group taxi for only $1 to the Foch district to get something to eat. They let us off when we spied a place called Toro Carni. The name and the photos did well to attract our attention.
toro carbon restaurant, Quito
We took a look at the menu and each ordered the first item. It was a meat eater's sample platter. We each got a large steak, three pieces of chicken breast, large blood sausage, large ballpark frank, and a large pork chop. Also a lettuce salad with sliced tomatoes and carrots. Choice of drinks and fries. We had watched while the chef cooked our meat on his large coal fired BBQ grill. Then the meat arrived on small individual coals heated grills brought to the table.

meat feast at the toro carbon restaurant, Quito
This is by far the best tasting meal this whole month in Ecuador. The price was well under $20 each. It is a great place if you are a meat eater. Veggie people stay away. Two people could easily enjoy this one meal and by the raised eyebrows of the server when we ordered I suspect it is more often ordered that way. But hey, I'm a carnivore.

meat feast at the toro carbon restaurant, Quito 

After a stop in the marsical market to buy an Ecuador flag we took a taxi back to the Hotel San Francisco de Quito in the historical area. Realizing we had not had enough coffee for the day we went up the street to Galletti Coffee Roasters for a cup of black coffee and a delicious cheesecake.

galletti coffee roasters
The city wifi reaches the coffee house so I sat and typed today's blog.
cheesecakes at the galletti coffee roasters in Quito

With this kind of dessert in the coffee houses I will not lose any weight even though I am walking much more here than at home.

suite in the San Francisco hotel in Quito

In other news. They moved me again this morning. Something about the drain in my room leaking to a room below. I'm in a suite again. Comes with a jacuzzi tub. I did not bother using the tub as I do prefer a shower- especially in a stranger's tub.

view of panecillo from roof of San Francisco hotel in Quito

But the room was nice except for the wifi which only worked in the bathroom. This large suite was just too far away to pick up the signal.
10.5 Km walking today