Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Wednesday- Fantastic Weather Day

This was the best weather day so far on this trip. It was probably in the high 20s but may have tipped into the 30s as well. As I type this my phone says it is -19 back home Ahhhh!
Salinas beach at low tide

The clouds disappeared and let the sun through right from the early morning. We went down to the beach and explored the tide pools. The water was warm and of course there were hundreds of small fish in the pools. 
Salinas beach at low tide

By ten o'clock we had the staff fill the hot tub and were enjoying the upper deck on the 14th floor. This is good for a couple of hours and then I headed back to the beach. 
Early in the afternoon I left and walked the Salinas malecon- taking photos of each of the large buildings. It makes future rentals easier if I am a bit familiar with the locations of places that are listed. This time I went from left to right. Four years ago I went right to left and it was awkward each time I wanted to scout locations. We shall see.
Salinas beach at low tide

At the west end I stopped for a liquid refreshment in a bar on the corner called Manaba'r.  The menu looked good and may be worth revisiting when hungry. For now just sitting and having a cool one was the best thing to do on an extremely hot day. If you need internet, this place has free wifi- just ask for the password.

Manaba'r in Salinas

Here is a beer that is billed as local but is certainly different than constantly drinking Pilsnor which is the cheapest thing you can buy that is called beer.

beer at the Manaba'r

I wanted ice cream and walked towards a local grocery store. But I got sidetracked at a nearby salon and spa. I went in and asked the price of a haircut. The lady had her son there because of the school vacation. We spent about an hour teaching the youngster some English pronunciation of simple phrases. Kind of like the beginner things you learn in Spanish. I showed Michael how to run my video camera and he even shot some video of his mother cutting my hair. So if you are in the mood for a cut or style drop by the New Station Salon & Spa. Just up the street from the grocery store called mi comisario.

Here is the video from the event. Thanks Michael. I hope to see you again some day. I do not have an email for you, so you will have to contact me.
hair salon Salinas

Then I went across the street to get my ice cream and caffe lato cold drinks. The ice cream survived the 15 minute walk home in the 25 plus degree heat. 
The internet came back on in the evening at the Ibiza with the tech company on site.  It must have succumbed to a voltage spike with the power being out in the building and the emergency generator coming on and off.

Salinas beach sunset

5.4  km walking