Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Saturday at the Torremar then off to Big Ralph's

It rained most of the morning in Salinas. But don't let that fool you when at a beach. The people just show up anyway and the rain stops and the day is great by noon. It's the weekend and thousands showed up.
Salinas maleconbeach

I found the building manager and asked him if there were any units for sale in the Torremar. He showed me two. One on the sixth floor above us on the side apartments needed about 15k in renovation according to him. Another larger one on the whole front of the building was in need of very little work but was only on Piso 2. It had an awesome front view but it would have been much better on the sixth. At 130 k and 150 k nobody is going to even venture a nibble. Far too much when you compare others available on this street that have pools or hot tubs.

Torremar on the Salinas malecon
Our Torremar building. We were around the side and not right on the front facing the street.
I walked down the beach and came across a music group shooting for a music video. Lots of playing and shooting different angles by the camera guy. It took them more than half an hour to get all the shots I saw and they might have enough for the one song. Nice job.

Here is a video on Youtube of the group pretending they are playing while the camera guy takes cutaways of each of them.
musicians on the Salinas beach

At about seven in the evening we walked over to Big Ralph's Fish and Chips.

Big Ralph's in Salinas

We began with the appetizer of deep fried shrimp in the same batter as the fish is fried.

shrimp appetizer at Big Ralph's in Salinas

Then we ordered beef oso with mashed potatoes and vegetables, curried beef with deep fried onion rings and rice and beef steak with rosemary sauce, fries and salad.

beef oso buco at Big Ralph's in Salinas

All of these were great dishes. Ralph is originally from England and does not use the Ecuadorian method of salt as the only spice. He has several recipes and the ones we tried were all great with his homemade sauces.
steak rosemary at Big Ralph's in Salinas

currie beef at Big Ralph's in Salinas
And finally for dessert was a chocolate brownie with strawberry sauce and ice cream.

ice cream and brownie dessert at Big Ralph's in Salinas

2.2 km walking