Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Walking the Beach & Eating at Ralph's 

We did a lot of walking today. Went from one end of the malecon to the other and even tried go further. However the army stopped us at the point where their wharf juts out into the bay. The instructions from the guards were to turn around now and go back up the beach the way we came.

sandcastles on the Salinas beach

We watched an old fisherman toss his net into the ocean to catch fish. On one throw he got two small fish about 8 inches long, several small crabs and a lot of seaweed.

Later we went back to Big Ralph's for an evening of curried beef and Ossobuco.

Big Ralph's in Salinas

My travel companions had the fish and chips. You will not get a better meal. Just saying. Or maybe I do need to say it again. These and other meals on the menu at Big Ralph's will be some of the best tasting foods you eat on this trip.

fish and chips at Big Ralph's in Salinas

shrimp appetizer at Big Ralph's in Salinas

Deep fried shrimp appetizer in the fish batter. 
I had the beef osso buco on mashed potatoes with braised vegetables on the side. Cooked beets on top with deep fried shaved potatoes on top of that.   
beef osobuco at Big Ralph's in Salinas

Ralph fries up some fish at Big Ralph's in Salinas

Ralph frying up some fish. 
8.7 km walking