Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Goodbye Salinas & Back to Quito

Slept in a bit today. Up at 8 and should have got up at 7:30. So a bit rushed to get out of the rental and ready for our ride to Guayaquil. Juan Jose made up time in the driving. He describes the ultimate thrill of movement to be a fast motorcycle. We were just a liability like parasites as he was required to drive his pickup truck to carry us and luggage to the city. That meant lots of braking when approaching the many speed radar photo machines and then acceleration and weaving between traffic at speeds of 110 plus plus. The seat belts were useful in preventing too much air between the seats. 
Just before reaching the airport he took us through an old area of Guayaquil where the architecture all looks like California in the '50s. Like looking at an old movie except for the addition of walls and gates. 
Don't buy any airport food before the checkin. We did as we were ready for breakfast. But it was $10 for a panini and large coffee. 

breakfast panini at the Astoria in the Guayaquil airport

Pizza panini and (thankfully) unsalted chips. 
Wait til going through security and the prices of several choices are much better. 
lunch at the el espanol in the Guayaquil airport

We just noticed that our boarding passes are on South American time. The plane takes off before boarding opens. Que sera sera. 
boarding pass Avianca

Maybe they are having safety meetings out there. 
Guayaquil airport tarmac view

OK we are still sitting here at 3 pm. Announcements on the PA describe that our plane will not be landing here due to a lack of fuel. But don't worry as it will pick us up later. For more info please contact a clerk. Talking to an agent and indeed the plane has been circling and could not buy fuel here. So it is flying to Manta to buy fuel and will come back and we will be in the air by 4 pm. With all the safety meetings going on there must have been nobody to do any work here. Ha. Or maybe the price of fuel was a couple of cents cheaper in Manta and the guys here in Guayaquil would not budge. 
Guayaquil airport tarmac view

Even the airport has digital speed indicators. I wonder if they get fines or reprimands. 
Got to the Hotel San Francisco by about eight. Checked in and went around the corner to the Sheriff Colonel Restaurant. BBQ chicken was just a thin slab of chicken with BBQ sauce.

interior of Sheriff Colonel Restaurant, Quito

menu from Sheriff Colonel Restaurant, Quito
Hotel San Francisco de Quito. Nice hotel so far. Will sleep first and think more tomorrow. It is cooler here in Quito at about 12 degrees and heavy rain. Umbrellas and jackets tomorrow. Might be sleeping with a shirt on tonight. 
atrium of San Francisco hotel in Quito

atrium of San Francisco hotel in Quito

2.4 Km walking today