Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Farallón Dillon

For brunch today we went to Common Grounds. It is a popular hangout with locals and gringos. They speak English and Spanish so you won't get lost here. Free wifi and soccer on the TV make it techno friendly.
Had a few of these cappaccino frapps

I had the cafe frappuccino and the breakfast cheese burger. Shaved and deep fried potatoes topped with a fried egg and large slab of bacon. The other half was a very good tasting burger mixed with onions and slopped with HP sauce. Still too much salt though. And add a large piece of nearly cheddar cheese. 

After the noon hour we got a taxi and headed for Ballenita and the Farallon Dillon. This is a residence, hotel, entertainment center, and restaurant. And museum. The captain used to actually sail the oceans but since retirement has built a location where his life surrounds him. He and his wife have even built a museum with their purchases and finds collected over many years. All related to the nautical theme.


Here is a video I made with video and photos I shot during my visit to Farallon Dillon in 2013.

Rental bedroom is only on the first floor with the stairs access. The others you only get to by a ladder on the side of the building. One of the workers lives in the second floor bedroom.

The pool is almost a true infinity pool but it's big point of interest is the nautical figurehead mermaid soaring over the pool. 

After check in I had to head for the beach and do some quick exploring. A foul smell led me to a recently died turtle of over two feet in length. The head was gone but the rest intact but swarming with flies. The death reminded me of the previous week where I rescued newly hatched turtles that would not have made it to the water. The circle of life. 

dead turtle on beach at the Farallon Dillon
Likely the second day on the beach after washing up dead.
Sunset. Just could not resist. I seem to be posting them often. This shot is from my balcony in the tower overlooking the pool. In the distance is Salinas. 
sunset at the Farallon Dillon
View south from my bedroom perch in the tower at the Farallon Dillon
Sunset was 6:35 so supper is after that. For supper I had fried shrimp with vegetables. The shrimp were fresh and the veggies perfectly cooked. What's with the salt? Are the shrimp packed in salt brine and absorb the salt. Only when you bite them do you get a mouthful of salt. 
shrimp stir fry at the Farallon Dillon