Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Stinky Turtle at the Farallón Dillon

Woke up today to a steady rain. Was hoping for a sunrise but humidity, overcast and rain sent me back to bed. By 8 am it was a torrential downpour with thunder.

Here is a video I made of the heavy rain at the Farallon Dillon. I also found a bird had just caught a moth and was ripping the wings off so he could eat the body. Included in the video just for your watching pleasure.

There is a small drainage ditch just up the beach. But during the downpour the water tore a passage six feet wide and three feet deep. The red earth from the hillside flowed out into the ocean and created a huge dirt slick that lasted most of the day before drifting south towards Salinas. This photo is just at the beginning of the rain.

After the heavy rain there was a guy raking the beach. He had discovered something just on the other side of the ditch that had been formed. It turned out to be another large dead turtle. He went away and soon some boys came back with a shovel and rake and buried the turtle on the beach. They dug a hole and rolled it in. Packed the sand in on top. It must be a repeating occurrence. On the plane on the way home someone told me there is a problem with wild dog packs that attack turtles when they come ashore to lay eggs in the night.

I went in the pool several times during the day. Also walked the 124 stairs down to the beach three times. Yep I counted them today.

This morning the flies had abated on the dead turtle. But the maggots had hatched. Gross. They were even leaving the nest so to speak. About a thirty five foot radius of maggots traveling outward. Bones strewn around too from the vultures picking at the corpse. 

Late in the afternoon I checked again and most of the maggots were gone. Still lots though. The day has been clear and hot with little rain since about noon. Another few days and the cycle of this death will be over. I will check one more time tomorrow before we leave. 
For supper I had beef tenderloin, sautéed eggplant and onions, fries , coke and coffee. A pretty good tasting meal although I had to drink the coffee quickly as it was on it's way to being colder than a local beer. 
I decided no sunset pics today. Instead a few pics around here. The steps are about half of the stairs necessary to get to the beach. Other shots from in the museum and of a huge plastic sailor at the front door. 

steps at the Farallon Dillon

stone mosaic floor at the Farallon Dillon

seashore mermaid at the Farallon Dillon

museum at the Farallon Dillon