Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Salinas is Busy on a Hot Sunday

Another fantastic day. Very few clouds, a temperature of 31 degrees and packed beaches. If you like activity it was a great day. Sorry I forgot to get a picture earlier.

temperature in Salinas in winter
For a late lunch we walked around the back street and ate at the Mar Azul. We had shrimp ajillo and stir fried rice with shrimp and a personal pizza. My pizza was good- ham and cheese and pepperoni.

Marazul restaurant, Salinas

 But the shrimp in both the shrimp dishes was rotten or at least tasted bad. Those dishes were a waste as they were the main ingredient of each. We are hoping for health and not a GI attack. 
pizza at the Marazul restaurant, Salinas

Someone was cutting weeds with a machete and cleaning up in front of his property. I picked up an aloe vera plant he had pulled. I smeared the juice on some sunburned spots on my legs. It was seven dollars in the store for about three leaves worth of the stuff. Days later I was still using the juice on my head and shoulder burns. It worked fine.
aloe vera for rubbing on sunburn

My chef just put the chicken on the stove. He says supper will be ready in a couple of hours. These gas stoves work different than I am used to with electric. What do I know. 
chicken on the burner

And the housekeeper just complained about a couple of small deposits of dirt that must have come off my sandals. Traveling with your staff is almost like being at home. Except I am forced to look after my own laundry here as not all the regular staff wanted to travel. 
At 6:35 I headed west to try to get to the iglesia merced by 7pm. On the way the sun went down so I have more sundown pics. 
sunset in Salinas

sunset in Salinas

sunset in Salinas beach

sunset in Salinas beach

I got to the church on time and by 7:20 was one of over 400 participants in the event. Over an hour later we all filed out. I did not understand much as it was in spanish, and the sound system just bounced off the stone walls and got drowned by the multiple cooling fans hanging on all the pillars.
Church of Mercy, Salinas

Church of Mercy, Salinas

Good night. Tomorrow we go fishing.  6 km today