Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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The Power Goes Out for the whole Ibiza Building

Another day in Salinas and it started off overcast, windy and rainy. It was into the early afternoon before we went out walking. This time we went two blocks back of the malecon and headed west. Sure enough on the far side of the road we found Jhimy's Foods. A few locals were having some food. At least now I know where it is.

Jhimy's Restaurant

We kept walking a long ways down until we got back to the Cafe Jazz. We were hoping to run into Victor as he had been messaging with me about a day trip up the coast. But the place closes for the afternoon and will reopen later in the evening.

We proceeded over to the malecon and stopped in at the Casa Grill for some liquid in the hot afternoon. The place is also a hotel. We did not order food at this time but the menu seemed promising so we likely will go back for a meal.

Casa Grill Salinas malecon

On the walk back to the Ibiza we purchase more junk food and drinks. The walk was too long to trust a purchase of ice cream to be frozen for long. Ice cream will have to wait for a later day.

grocery shopping on the Salinas malecon

At about five o'clock much of the power went out in the apartment leaving no AC or internet. Some lights and some power outlets still work. The front door staff say the electrical people have been called and the think it will be fixed this evening. We shall see. 
We got the hot tub filled for us but the water was far too cold for me to stay. So after a warmer shower I sat and tried to catch up on the blog. 
Can't cook in the apartment when the only power is from the emergency generator, so I went over to Jhimy's Food for BBQ steak and beer. That was the flavour I needed to finish off the day.

Jhimy's Restaurant

5.4 km walking