Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Mar y Tierra upscale Restaurant on the Salinas malecon

Last day at the Ibiza. So I got the front desk to fill the hot tub one last time. By noon we decided to go find something to eat. We walked down the malecon to the Torremar building to see if by chance our next place was ready. Not yet they said but in an hour or two. So we went across the street to the Mar y Tierra. You will recognize the place as the front is shaped like a boat. On one end is a rudder jutting out onto the sidewalk.

mar y tierra on the Salinas malecon

I had the rice and seafood plate. It was plenty and had lots of shrimp, scallops, octopus, crab and who knows what else. It is a good dish but the shrimp are too salty.

mar y tierra on the Salinas malecon

Someone told us later that the processed shrimp that the restaurants buy are shucked and then injected with salt water to plump them up a bit. If this is true then it explains why they are always larger looking than the uncooked frozen ones we see and why they are much saltier and larger than the ones we purchase back home.

mar y tierra on the Salinas malecon

 From the looks of the clientele it is a higher priced and higher expectation eating place. We were the only ones that did not arrive there via their own vehicle. Walkins are not barred, but seem to be rare.

seafood and rice at the mar y tierra on the Salinas malecon

With a little over an hour to go until we turn the keys back we walked back to Ibiza to get one load of luggage. Then we made the trek back to the Torremar and were shown up one floor to the apartment. 
The manager gave us the keys, showed us how to run the TV, and attempted to explain the water cooler and how to buy water. That was about it. We were in. 
The next job was a walk back to mi comisaria to stock the groceries again. It is still a fair walk with full bags of goods but half the distance it was before. 
In the evening it rained hard. Even with the windows closed the rain leaked in and created a small flood in the veranda area. 
No more sunset from the apartment window. We are too low and blocked by buildings. So I need to walk across the street to the beach to shoot now.

Salinas beach

4.9 km walking