Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Rain, Coconuts, Fish and Chips

Today was a travel day. We thought we were to fly at 10:15 from Quito to Guayaquil but the flight was delayed over three hours. We checked out of the Quito Suites Hotel and headed to the airport to wait it out. Dinner was at the Guacomole Grill in the Quito outgoing lounge. The food was good but not cheap, and in line with airport prices. Definitely a better service and quality offering than the burger chain before the check in at this airport which we had tried five years ago.

Guacamole Grill in Guayaquil airport

 While waiting in the airport we thought we were to finally board. Nope, we were being paged because everyone had to read and sign a piece of paper that would give a future rebate because our flight had been delayed in leaving. It was going to offer $60 which was more than the flight cost in the first place. Kind of useless to us as we would have to book the next flight through a specific office and not online. So I ended up with a fancy piece of paper with my name on it.

Ecuador airlines refund certificate

Our private driver was patiently waiting for us upon arrival and we had the most awesome ride from the airport to Salinas. We heard many interesting stories and were shown many sites that were described to us. We stopped at a roadside kiosk to purchase a couple of coconuts. The vendor hacked off the tops and we had ice cold coconut milk for a refreshment. Coco helado is what they call it.

The driver even took us on alternate routes to show us special locations. To finish it off he delivered us right to the door of Big Ralph's where we were to stay. I'm not promising at all that you would get the same tour and service but we had booked the driving services from Angela de Souza before we even left home.

Angela's drving service between Salinas and Guayaquil

By the way the desert areas of July and August are very green and lush. Many of the creeks and rivers are raging water flows due to the uncharacteristic large amount of rain this year.  In some places on the trip the rain was actually a downpour and twice water was flowing over the highway. 

We booked in at Big Ralph's, then walked a bit on the Salinas malecon til after dark waiting for Ralph's restaurant to open. The homemade curry sauces were brewing but will not be ready til tomorrow. So we each opted for the signature fish and chips along with several lemonades and other thirst quenching liquids. Then we sat around and chatted with Ralph and other guests before deciding to turn in for the evening.

fish and chips at Big Ralphs

Big Ralph in his favourite location - his kitchen.

5.0 km walking