Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Breaded Shrimp at Jhimy's and Hot Tub on the Terrace

This pretty much sums up the day. Walked the malecon - slowly as it was quite warm. Did a lot of sitting and watching too. 
Jhimy's Restaurant in Salinas

Them I made it over to Jhimy's by 1pm for almuerzo. Typical soup. Meaning it seamed to be quite good as everyone was eating it. At least 16 bowls in house and several more by take-out while I was there. Then there were choice of main courses. I had the breaded shrimp with rice, fries and salad. And the juice which I left for the flies. Add to this a large club beer and I had a decent lunch. The juice may have been great but I generally don't drink it unless I know the water came from bottled water in the first place. Many make the juice right from a tap and that is scary on the intestines.
soup for almuerzo at Jhimy's Restaurant in Salinas

chicken and rice for almuerzo at Jhimy's Restaurant in Salinas

Then I went back to the Ibiza apartment for dips in the hot tub and segments of time spent on the deck chairs.

roof terrace at the Ibiza on the Salinas malecon

This is the last full day in this place and tomorrow we move down the street. From this vantage point I can also watch the construction on a new building right next door. Lots of concrete form work and pouring of concrete along with even more work incorporating rebar for strength.

construction next to the Ibiza in Salinas

I think my video camera has hit end of life. Many cameras have small button switches that are used for settings and they eventually go funky. My Panasonic tm700 has one I use often to change recording settings. But it is also used to access SD formatting. I brought some cards that had not been formatted and have data from my Sony camera. I cannot even delete the clips. Oh well I have to make the discs last.

sunset on the Salinas beach

3.7 km walking