Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Farewell Farallón Dillon

The shower has a heater stuck to the nozzle. Quite common in Ecuador.
electric water heater in shower at the Farallon Dillon

But the kicker is that the thirty amp breaker is right there above the shower too. I guess it would give you a kick too if you reached up to turn it off and you touched the connector at the bottom. I'm not sure what a 30 amp breaker is going to protect on a 110v circuit. You would likely be smoldering before a 30A breaker flipped. All you can do is hope that ground wire is actually hooked up to something at the other end.
circuit breaker in shower at the Farallon Dillon
We had breakfast at about 8:30. It's included in the room. Scrambled eggs, toast, butter, strawberry jam, coffee, pineapple juice, sliced bananas and watermelon. 
Then I walked down to the beach for a last visit to to rotting corpse of the turtle. Two vultures were sitting on nearby rocks. They have all they can eat and more. The maggots can be seen crawling at least 50 feet away. And still more are writhing inside the shell. Another week and there will be nothing but upper and lower shell and scattered bones.  
We might swim in the pool one more time before leaving. But it is pouring rain again now. Last night the lightning and downpour started at five to four in the morning and continued til well after six. And it has not stopped sprinkling between pours.

north up the beach from the Farallon Dillon

I was just sitting here blogging and the captain's wife just came by and talked for a while. She told me that the last time she saw so much rain was 15 years ago. She also took me in the dining room to show me the artifacts from the shipwreck nearby. The salvage crew lived here and gave her many artifacts as partial pay for staying here during the salvage, which I think she said was about a year. 
near the shipwreck display at the Farallon Dillon
She took my picture in front of the display. There are large planks from the ship mounted on the wall in the museum. She also explained that it is her nephew- our waiter, that lives in the suite above me in the tower. He has to get there by climbing a ladder. 
worker cleaning at the Farallon Dillon
We got back to Salinas and decided to go out for lunch. Turns out the area we were wanting was all flooded out. It had been raining solid for two days here too and the town cannot handle it. We stopped in to talk at Luccy's and the whole place was under 6 inches of water. The fire department was just arriving and hopefully they can lend a pump so she can open at 4 pm. So we walked back and went to mar y tierra. 
My order was for seco de pollo. The sauce on the chicken was extremely salty but upon cutting into the chicken I found it was cold. Cold. Well salty too. Sent it back and had the rice seafood stir fry. The shrimps are still salty but nothing they can do with that. 
At 6:30 I went back to Luccy's Mexican Restaurant. I really did not need any more food but it was the last night and I wanted to try it. I ordered the flour chicken tacos. Medium not hot. 
menu at Luccy's Mexican Grill in Salinas

Sorry no photo as I ate them before I remembered to take the picture. Pretty good tasting although if you like guacamole and cilantro you will like them even better. 
Luccy's Mexican Grill in Salinas
I spent the evening talking cars with the American bartender. When it came to automobiles we definitely had common interests. 
I used the magicjack to phone my son and talked the night out. Tomorrow we fly back to Quito.