Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
All pages have at least one photo. If you don't see them you may have an ad blocker on or need a cache purge. (Firefox Win)

IPhone cannot add pictures to the blog

There was a place up the coast of Ecuador that we were planning to book for several days. I got an email back from the owner that I could not rent it as it had been rented for most of the month including the days we wanted. Lesson here is if you want it you better grab it. She could have cancelled anyway as I see that often for no reason on airbnb.

I am still entering text from my phone. But I cannot get the phone to upload pictures or insert them in the blog. Might be a flash thing.


Several days into my trip to Ecuador I finally found an app for the iPhone that I purchased. It gives me the ability to add photos to my blog as well as make updates and new blog postings. The only thing I cannot do is change a date. Once I made a new blog posting for a day gone by and I accepted the date given. But then I realized I needed to backdate the blog. So I had to wait til I got home to Blogger to make the correction.

blog manager for Google Blogger
Another problem with this software app is the way it inserts pictures. Things may look good when you are making the page and they do display. However clicking on a picture does not show the large size that you uploaded. You can only see the display size.

If you upload using Blogger it creates a bunch of code that displays a small size thumb. But when you click on a photo it will show it in high resolution in whatever size you uploaded - subject to your monitor size. It will also make a small thumb list of all the photos on the page so you can view all the photos quickly in large size. However if a photo was inserted using the Blog Manager that photo will not be available.

Google blogger picture slider