Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Flight From Houston to Quito

The day began with an AirCanada flight from Calgary to Houston.

airline schedule, Calgary to Houston

flight path map, Calgary to Houston

I don't fly perfectly well so I began with a third of a pill of gravol. One would put me into a super groggy daze for at least 3 hours.

gravol pills

Fortunately for me I arrived in Houston this time without throwing up or passing out. That gives me a few hours to calm down, have something to eat and get ready for the next flight.

Houston airport tarmac

Which I did. I also ate at a Chinese fast food place called Panda Express. I thought the food was quite good and was planning to go back there on the return flight but did not see it in the section of airport where we were. I did not even get to use my "one free entre" coupon that I had received.

Panda Express, Houston airport

Panda Express dinner, Houston airport

 I traveled back and forth on the connector train between airports just because I could. No charge and I wanted to take some pictures and video of the commute. A bit like going to Toronto and using the connector train there. Totally confusing for new travelers but second nature if you have been there before.

Houston airport tarmac

Flight 1035 got off the ground on time. We left the Houston at 5:56 pm and very soon after the sky to the west was just a red sunset. Very shortly the United crew began serving drinks and an hour after that was the meal.

United airlines travel food

The choice of entrees ran out by row 20 so I had a choice of pasta. Bad choice. This was a pumpkin base pasta with beets, greens of some kind and even the pumpkin seeds. Maybe the seeds were in error. I usually eat everything airlines give me as I cannot predict my next meal. Nope. Not his time. I couldn't do it. Not even after pouring on all the salt and pepper. The salad was a few leaves of baby Romaine lettuce and a quinoa salad. Now I am not a quinoa fan at all but it was actually cooked and had small amounts of veggies and some vinegar. It was the best part of the meal. Well maybe not quite. I asked for another bun and more butter. The crew was good about coming around again and offering more drinks. I should be fairly well hydrated and with my new bladder not knowing how to stretch, the lav visit ought to be frequent. Should be the only time the aisle seat in row 21 pays off.

airline schedule, Houston to Quito

4.6 km walking today