Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Airport is Nowhere Close to Quito

The first time I flew to Quito the airport was in the middle of the city. I guess when they built the airport back in the 1600s the Spanish were not thinking the city would grow up around it. At any rate the planes did drop in to the valley and land. The takeoff was also a rush to as they did not spend too much time flying in the valley - just get up there into the sky and get going. If you want to see a video of landing at the old Quito airport you can watch my video on YouTube. The flight in the video is not on an international carrier, just LAN Airlines on a return from Guayaquil.

The next time I flew in the new airport was so new it had only been in operation for a few weeks. It took more than an hour by taxi to go to the historic area of Quito- and a lot more money than before too! Furthermore if you get off the plane at midnight and you are dead tired, and then add that to a taxi driver that thinks he is the roller coaster driver king of the world, you can be quite sick by the time you reach your hotel. Just saying. So, this time I will be staying a few nights at almost the closest point to the airport. The Quito Airport Suites is operated by Dom and situated in the town of Tababela.  If you are an Ecuador blog reader you likely have run across his writings. He is going to pick me up at the airport and in less than 10 minutes I hope to be very close to climbing into bed for at least a portion of a night's sleep. I've actually got three nights booked there and plan on taking a couple of day trips from his website while waiting to fly south.

Quito Airport Suites 

 That's it for now, and I'll write more about the hotel when I am there.