Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Fly the First Leg

We got the air tickets purchased for the first leg of the journey inside Ecuador. From Quito to Guayaquil there are a few airline companies that will sell you tickets. We picked Avianca based on time and dollars.

We did not want to get up too early in the morning but we also did not want to be arriving in Salinas after dark. So the 10:15 flight looked about right. Any earlier would have been about 8 am I think.

Quito to Guayaquil Avianca booking

Could have saved a few bucks buying the return but right now we have not booked the living space as we are still awaiting some prices at places. We have a line on a condo on the east end of the San Lorenzo and also prices on some days up the coast a ways. If we go up the coast we will want to book a few days at Big Ralph's so we can spend a weekend in the beach town before heading northward for quiet and relaxation. So all that chatter means that we need to wait to make the decision on when to return to the highlands of Quito.

A few dollars by taxi will take us from the airport to the bus station and then to the crowded lineups to purchase bus tickets to take us to the station in Ballenita.