Third visit to Ecuador. This time with a text blog as well as videos. Here is the video site
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Rentals are All Completed

I have finally finished booking all the rental properties we need for the trip to Ecuador. Last week I booked a week at a high end apartment along the Salinas malecon. That was through Airbnb.

Ibiza VBRO in Salinas

Today I secured a rental about a block away and on the front street as well. This one does not have a pool, hot tub or laundry facilities so it comes at a much lower price. I will update the information after I return so you can all get in on this location. The owner had allowed it to be booked for a single day in the middle of the month, so that threw off booking it starting on the 12th. This time the booking was through VBRO.

Torremar airbnb in Salinas

However all worked out as I was able to extend our first location for a few more days until we could move to this one. The original intent was to book the last half the month up the coast a ways. But because I delayed booking the one I wanted was not available by the time I went to book. The owner says it was rented for the whole month, although as of yet the dates still show as being available.
.65 km walking