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Advice for Renting Airbnb and VRBO

In the past few days I have received responses from more people renting Airbnb and VRBO apartments. You see, I had messaged owners of several of the more interesting locations asking for more information.

Some owners don't fill out all the tick boxes when they list their properties. So if a section called Amenities has absolutely nothing crossed off you cannot learn anything about the property. Adding a description that says I will love their property doesn't help me much either. So I email and ask for things like internet, pool, hot tub, more pictures showing what the view is like and what the balcony looks like. You get the idea.

Some people respond right away and others take a few days. So my problem was that I was not patient enough. If you are going to ask additional questions I guess the advice is to give them all at least 4 days to respond. Next time I will be a bit smarter.

Then you can make your decision. I did receive messages and did correspond with several owners that gave me very favorable additional information. However I had already rented another place and could only turn down the new ones. That does not mean I did not get a great location in the one I picked. I got everything I wanted and will enjoy it. But I will be visiting the addresses of the others and might even meet some of the owners and begin planning for a future trip.

What do I want to see in photos of a potential rental? I don't mind several interior pictures but what is the purpose of 3 photos of each bed from different angles? The shower curtain, the toilet, the sink and the wide angle shot of the bathroom will not convince me to be a renter. What kind of deck chairs do they have and do they look comfortable? What is the view from the deck? How about a view down so I see how nice the street or beach is below the building? Public space pictures, hot tub. Beach or restaurant shots are nice but if they are not the view out the window please identify that.

OK enough. That was too much of a rant today. But from it all I did learn that there are likely several different places that one could be happy. And many of the owners are truly happy to have you in their place. The photos from many show homes not just houses- places where the owners are proud of. These are people who I do want to meet, even if I don't get to stay at their house this year.